Windows 10 Altum Pro 1607 (x64)

About : 
Windows Altum is yet another release for the Numix series , it's updates and with the most stable release of windows 10 Anniversary Update and the latest security updates , and this same experience any user would want to have with an untouched windows but with more a pleasant look .
[​IMG] Release info : 

Name : Windows 10 Altum[PRO].iso
CRC-32: 8D81AB13
SHA-1: 13EADEB37DAA8ED4CE850065FDD5E8647AD9FB78
Compression : ESD 

[​IMG] Special Thanks :

Wallpapers : [tomeCar] 

Themes : [dpcdpc11] Simplify 10 dark point 

[​IMG] Software integrated 

Both softwares are not pre-installed so it's totally up to the user to install them with a single installation from an msi file on the desktop . 
Aimp 4 + Skin
Rainmeter + Skin
[​IMG] Updates

Yes , All Windows 10 RS1 (Anniversary Update) till 2/6/2017

Dodol P4r3

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