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Windows 10 Lite Edition V2 X64 Multilang 15063.483 English 2017

Windows 10 Lite Edition V2 X64 Multilang 15063.483 English 2017

Name Of Lite Edition:Windows 10 Lite Edition x64 v2 2017.iso
Size:2,11 GB (2.270.953.472 byte)
Bootable Mode:UEFI-BIOS
Based Edition: Professional x64 Build 15063
Final Build Number:15063.483
Languages:All Supported But no fully..only for typing / texting
Updated:Full July 2017
Features:Net 3.5 Enabled
Autounattend.xml Added
Hidden/skip Cortana Settings
Power: Perfomance
Network : Home
Cortana Hide/Disable
Removed List:
DVD Folder:Sources files and others Removes For more space
Microsoft Apps:All is Removed Completed < Except Store ...
Microsoft Services Apps:All Removes/Disable Completed
Microsoft languages packs:All langs removed Except English <you can still download your lang but only for type/texting
Services : The most Disable permanently cauze is combo with apps
Services Mode: The Best Perfomance
Microsoft Edge/IE11 : Both Removed permanently
Microsoft Defender:Removed Completed
Check Sums:
File: Windows 10 Lite Edition x64 v2 2017.iso
CRC-32: 09a5124f
MD4: 36e87fec0230b05b6cc1addf0259e511
MD5: ae2f90a4f2d6cec8031cf99bb8894e66
SHA-1: 7e6045258bbb42303c042f043df0f1e7b0f10a08


More Details About This:

Diffrence bewteen win 10 pro and Win 10 Lite edition
Lite Edition Is faster
Lite Edition Better Perfomance
Lite Edition Better Boot Time
Lite Edition Smaller Size ISO
Lite Edition Fast Installation
Lite Edition No More Telemetry
Lite Edition Its Close too LTSB
Notes : Read The Notes So you can fully undertstand what you download and what you expect don't ask again and again the same thing ...

Lite Edition:New Users and Old Users who have Use and will use this version Be notice
the lite edition is not become lite cauze we just edit something we need remove / disable/edit
doing this probably we will couple few issues which is probably have fixes like apps / download/browsing....Please be notice the Rest Notices Thanks!

Notice 1: Download your own Activation is not preactivated
Notice 2:WU Probably Will not work so don't expect anything or tell me anything why don't work
Notice 3:This lite Edition We create is mostly for people for old pcs/laptops or people who want only watch / play / browering in internet
Notice 4:Full Languages Will not working here
Notice 5:Only Texting/Typing works in All langs you choose...
Notice 6:Startisback is preactivated / silent installation..if you have problem reinstall it or download and install another one...
Notice 7: Choose your own Apps for your works or watch or whatever you want too do ....
Notice 8: if your dism don't work just download the Last ADK 1607 from here: choose the 1703 will do the job and most commands otherwise use powershell...
Notice 9:Windows System Recovery Removed
Notice 10: WinSxS backup Removed
Notice 11: System Restore Removed!!!


Part Link
Part1 | Part2 | Part3

Part Link
Part1 | PArt2 | Part3

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